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When I saw the recent news coverage about the sheriffs across America who dared to speak up about the new gun plans, I was elated and relieved. Some were candid, others were very careful, but all made it clear their choice to NOT enforce new proposed gun rules was based on the U.S. Constitution's Second Amendment about the right to own and bear arms.

Sheriff Denny Peyman

Many veterans are also concerned about the President's new gun control plans. They insist they will resist any move they believe infringes on their Second Amendment gun rights.

Some people don't understand why law enforcement officers and veterans would refuse to enforce new gun control laws. To begin with, every sheriff, law enforcement officer, and all military members swear an oath to "protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. " Yes, this includes our own government and any unconstitutional laws they pass.

How can anyone familiar with U.S. history and the Constitution believe the gun control advocates and news media's Second Amendment position? According to them, it might be okay for some citizens to have a shotgun or rifle, but no one except law enforcement and military should have anything else.

The President's gun control plans, backed up by the news media's 24/7 attempts to rewrite the Second Amendment, has inflamed many citizens across our country. This new gun control plan does nothing to stop the actions of mentally deranged individuals. Instead of shoring up a failed mental health system also in crises, the government and media typically once again focus on gun control with big noise and big plans that won't solve the problem. The President's new gun legislation plans restricts the civil liberties of law-abiding citizens, but does little or nothing to solve the problem of mass shootings.

Along with the sheriffs, neighborhood activists also insist that the proposed legislation will not do anything to help. If the sheriffs and activists who know the communities best do not support the new laws, doesn't that tell Washington something?

Pastor Henry Washington

Further, in typical excess, these gun control advocates believe the government should have a registry with each citizen's name, address, and number and type of guns owned. They are taking this to an extreme by enlisting or forcing doctors to break their sworn HIPAA confidentiality laws to become government informants! What happens to our MDs who refuse to comply? Are they hauled off to concentration camps? Oh wait, wrong war. Or is it?

Where does this stop? Is America following the path Germany took in the 1930s? Nazi Germany disarmed its citizens and forced them to spy on each other and their families. Will we have citizens snitching on each other like Germany instead of standing together? Our own judicial system now runs on a tattle-tale/plea bargain system–again, where does this stop?

What will "we" have next? We already have Homeland Security sponsored SWAT team goons killing family pets, kicking in doors and throwing in grenades just to serve information-gathering search warrants. It doesn't matter to them if you have a family and children in the house.

The number of innocent people killed in these raids has become epidemic and the goons responsible are always cleared of wrongdoing. The excuse we hear is the resident had a gun and posed a threat, even when the SWAT teams raid the wrong house and kills someone totally uninvolved with their "investigation."

What do you think YOU can expect if your name is on a government list of firearm owners, and the goon squad decides to pay you a visit? Vindictive neighbors, co-workers or ex-spouses could spin a complaint to make sure the cops serving a search warrant were ready for a war.

Sheriff Tim Mueller

How can we trust the out-of-touch, bought-and-paid-for government we have representing us today? That's simple: we protect and defend our Constitution, which includes the Second Amendment. Just as our forefathers intended, the Constitution insures that our government, at any time in the country's history, past, present or the future, does not abuse its power or the citizens of the United States of America.

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