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Turning the World Right Side Up

Lawless imperial rampaging turns it upside down. America is the main world belligerent. War on humanity is longstanding policy.

So is replacing all sovereign independent governments with pro-US vassal ones. Obama's war on Syria rages. Conditions in Ukraine remain incendiary.

Obama wants regime change in Venezuela. He stoked weeks of violence pursuing it. He's waging war on freedom at home.

Imagine championing democratic freedoms while going all-out to destroy them. Obama wants them extinguished globally.

Today is the most perilous time in world history. Daily events should scare everyone. At stake is humanity's survival.


Conditions go from bad to worse. Peacemakers are vilified. Warmakers win peace prizes.

Propagandists glorify war in the name of peace. Nations are destroyed to free them. Monied interests alone benefit.

Obama exceeds the worst of George Bush. He heads a ruthless police state apparatus. He seeks unchallenged global dominance.

He wants it over world markets, resources and cheap labor. He wants it at the expense of fundamental freedoms and social justice.

Fundamental rights don't matter. Upside reality conceals things. Mass action more than ever is needed.

Nuclear war by miscalculation is possible. Planetary life is threatened. Conditions in countries America destroys reveal what's heading everywhere unless stopped.

They include mass impoverishment, unemployment and underemployment. Expect homeless and hunger to increase.

Social benefits will disappear entirely. Nations will be left unfit to live in. Bilderberg objectives will be achieved. They include:



  1. one size fits all global rules;


  1. one set of universal values benefitting them exclusively;


  1. unchallenged control of world populations;


  1. achieving it by mind control and coercion;


  1. transforming NATO into a global police force;


  1. eliminating democracy entirely;


  1. destroying middle class societies;


  1. replacing them with a ruler/serf one; and


  1. benefitting monied interests at the expense of all others.

Longstanding rule of law principles will be discarded. Civil and human rights won't matter.

America will emerge the sole superpower. Outliers are being destroyed one by one. China and Russia alone are challengers.

Plans are to weaken and neutralize them. They're preparing for global war. America threatens them. They're allied defensively.

They're readying for scenarios they hope to avoid. Washington plays hardball. Imagine potential calamity ahead.

Russia and China represent our last line of defense. Media scoundrels vilify them unfairly. Putin bashing is relentless.

Murdoch publications are relentless. On February 28, the Wall Street Journal headlined "Russia Fosters Ukraine Discord."

Claiming it turns truth on its head. Crimea installed a pro-Russian leader. Journal writers worry about the autonomous province becoming the epicenter of anti-Kiev resistance.

"A separatist Crimea could wind up like other Moscow-backed breakaway regions across the former Soviet Union," they said.

The Journal calls them "contested territories that Russia's neighbors accuse the Kremlin of using as levers to pressure them."

Putin and Obama are geopolitical opposites. Putin prioritizes peace and stability. Obama thrives on violence. He wages one imperial war after another.

Putin believes nation-state sovereignty is inviolable. Obama believes he's granted the divine right to intervene.

Putin affirms fundamental rule of law principles. Obama spurns them. He considers them quaint, old fashioned and obstacles to unchallenged global dominance.

Putin won't roll over for America. An inevitable confrontation looms. Ukraine could become a key flashpoint.

John Kerry warned Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. Washington will be watching, he said. The fullness of time may tell what he means.

Vladimir Konstantinov chairs Crimea's parliament. His people will defend their autonomy, he said.

He convened a special legislative emergency session. Sergei Aksyonov was named new prime minister.

He heads the Russian Unity party. It promotes joint Crimean/Russian interests.

Journal editors want none of that. On February 27, they headlined "Crimean War Games. Putin moves to carve up Ukraine if he can get away with it."

Washington and EU partners "can't harbor any more doubts about (his) intention to provoke violent conflict in Europe," they said.

They blamed Putin for what Crimeans did on their own defensively. They want their autonomy respected.

They reject fascist Kiev authority. They have every right to do so. Journal editors didn't explain.

They're furious about Moscow granting Ukraine's legitimate president protection. Viktor Yanukovych is safe in southern Russia. He's in Rostov-on-Don.

He held a Friday news conference. He was outspoken. He placed blame where it belongs, saying:

"Now I place the entire responsibility on those who led our country to the crisis, I would say to the chaos and disaster. They are to blame for that."

"Both those who came to power today and those who command them on Maidan, both visibly and invisibly."

"Including representatives of the West, the United States who patronized Maidan."

"They bear responsibility before the Ukrainian people." They broke the February 21 agreement. They never intended to go along. Saying otherwise was pretense.

He justifiably called coup d'etat Rada delagates illegitimate. He urged Russia to "put an end to the chaos and terror that exists in Ukraine today."

He "categorically (opposes) any invasion…and breach of the integrity of what was a sovereign state."

"Russia cannot stay indifferent. It cannot distance itself from what is going to happen to such a large partner, a neighbor."

He'll meet face-to-face with Putin. He's a strategic partner. He'll learn more about his intentions.

Putin spoke to Britain's David Cameron, Germany's Angela Merkel and European Council President Herman Van Rompuy.

No escalated violence should be permitted, he said. Lavrov spoke to John Kerry.

He stressed the urgency to return Kiev to "the legal framework (under) the February 21 agreement…"

He knows Washington subverted it. Agreements are made to be broken. Endorsements aren't worth the paper they're written on.

Journal editors wrongfully blamed Yanukovych for murders US-supported street thugs committed.

"Mr. Putin isn't picky about his company," they said.

Washington backs some of the world's worst despots. It deplores independent democrats. It goes all-out to topple them.

"Mr. Yanukovych may be a pawn-in-exile in the Russian's game of destabilizing Crimea, and perhaps also the eastern, Russian-speaking regions of Ukraine that were the ousted leader's political base," said Journal editors.

They lied saying he used "live ammunition (on protesters) at Moscow's behest and with direct help from Russian military advisers."

Putin and Lavrov went all-out to resolve months of conflict diplomatically. Washington bears full responsibility for escalating it.

Violent destabilization furthers US regime change policy. Diplomacy and stability defeat it. Don't expect Journal editors explain.

They called Putin "unpredictable…A tweet from NATO headquarters won't change things," they added. Nor anything Kerry tells Lavrov.

They pretend Ukraine's coup d'etat government is democratic. It's "on the line," they said. So is peace in Europe potentially, they claim.

"The alarm is ringing in Crimea," they stressed. Indeed so. Not for what Journal editors endorse.

They support unchallenged imperial dominance. They want it anyway Washington can get it.

They deplore democratic freedoms. They want beneficial social justice denied.

They want monied interests alone served. They want ordinary people exploited for profit.

They want societies made unfit to live in. Imagine the worst of all possible worlds if they get their way.


Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at

His new book is titled "Banker Occupation: Waging Financial War on Humanity"

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