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Investigation into links between Australian cops and outlaw motorcycle gangs

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Authorities in Australia are investigating links between public service and police employees over links to criminal motorcycle gangs.

Biker gangs are a major issue Down Under and are heavily involved in organised crime. 

There has been a significant escalation in biker-gang violence in recent years forcing a major crackdown by authorities. 

In recent weeks there have been major raids on gang members in different states across the country. 

Almost 600 police officers were involved in raids on more than 60 properties linked to the Comancheros gang in Victoria last month. 

A number of people were charged following the raids which were sparked by fears of increased tensions between the Comancheros and the Hells Angels motorcycle gangs.

Separately, a national taskforce targeting the Rebels biker gang resulted in the arrest or reporting of 2,056 bikers and their associates and hit the finances of outlaw groups, with a $3 million haul in unpaid taxes and drugs.

Authorities also seized more than 50 firearms as part of the crackdown. 

Now in Queensland, the Crime and Misconduct Commission is investigating ten public service and police employees over their links to criminal motorcycle gangs.

A newly created Police and Public Sector Corruption Investigations team has 10 active investigations into links between the employees and bike gangs.

"These investigations relate to police officers, civilian police employees and employees of public sector agencies," acting Chair Ken Levy outlined in the CMC public report.

"One of the investigations is being conducted jointly with the Queensland Police Service”.

Last year a number of police officers were suspended in Victoria because of alleged links to biker gangs. 

Police said at the time members were “either compromised or influenced by organised motorcycle gangs”.

Australia has had a number of high-profile police corruption scandals in the past including cases where officers have carried out murders and ran crime empires.

Writer: Alan Sherry
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