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Finks associate Shane Conci allegedly bashed student’s parents after schoolyard argument

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A DAD was punched out after throwing a dinner plate at a Finks bikie who confronted his family over a school yard spat between their children.

Bikie associate Shane Conci allegedly threatened to use his Finks mates as pay back after his son and daughter had a falling out with another student at their north eastern suburbs school.

Conci is facing eight charges including recklessly causing serious injury after victims Costas Valogiannis and his wife Evdoxia were assaulted at their home.

Today Mr Valogiannis gave evidence via video link saying he was terrified after the thick-set Conci came to his door and demanded to see his daughter.

“You couldn’t reason with this bloke,” Mr Valogiannis told the Melbourne Magistrates Court.

Mr Valogiannis said he threw a plate at Conci before losing consciousness after being struck in the head.

Mrs Valogiannis told the court she saw her husband being viciously assaulted as the couple’s children hid in a bedroom.

“I heard a blood curdling roar. I thought he died,” Mrs Valogiannis said.

The couple were allegedly assaulted after Conci arrived at their house with associates and demanded to see their daughter.

Conci formally entered no plea but was today committed to stand trial at the Court Court.

“It’s bad behaviour,” said Magistrate Donna Bakos. “I have to bite my tongue about parent behaviour.”

Conci is expected to attend a directions hearing at the County Court tomorrow.

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8 years ago

Uhm.. wow.  Parenting at its

Uhm.. wow.  Parenting at its best.