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Former Bandido bikie Toby Mitchell has avoided jail over a brawl at Centrefolds nightclub

FORMER Bandidos enforcer Toby Mitchell has walked from court on a suspended sentence after pleading guilty over a strip club melee.

Mitchell, a former sergeant-at-arms, has been given four months’ jail suspended for a year.

His co-accused Savvacis Tsivicios received the same sentence while Robert Algie received a two month jail term suspended for nine months.

Mitchell, 39, survived two shooting attempts on his life that have left him a physical and emotional wreck, the County Court heard.

The first attack on Mitchell, outside Doherty’s Gym in Brunswick in 2011, resulted in the loss of a kidney and gall bladder, renal lacerations, a ruptured diaphragm and a lacerated liver.

He now has only 30 per cent renal function and three quarters of a kidney.

The court heard Mitchell suffers recurring nightmares of the shooting and suffered post traumatic stress disorder.

In handing down his sentence in the Victorian County Court this morning, Judge John Smallwood said he took into account Mitchell’s ill health and the possibility he would be a target inside jail.

Judge Smallwood also noted the long delay in dealing with the matter and said the three men were very different people now to when the incident took place in 2010.

He told the men that they should have known better.

“You’re all getting a bit old for it,’’ he said.