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Indian Motorcycles Ad Entices You to Make the Choice [Video]

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With classic motorcycle manufacturers trying to make ends meet as far as bringing together retro styling and the old legacy on one hand, and the mandatory modern approach to bike-making, it should not be a big surprise seeing that ads are as emotional as it gets. That is, because these bikes are, in a way, old, and the only thing which sells them is nostalgia. And this makes a great resource for an emotional ad.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing amiss with such ads: it’s just openly talking about what makes them appealing and eventually selling these two-wheelers. So since heritage plays such a huge role in marketing classic bikes, it was only natural that individuals and stories from the past were brought into the spotlight.

By all means, listening to Lonnie Hannah telling the tale of his father working in a bike shop to afford buying parts one at a time and finally assembling an Indian Warrior is thousandfold better than hearing stories of rich fellows reaching for the checkbook and waiting for the Indian truck to deliver their bike at home.

Such ads are obviously targeting the classic cruiser riders, with Indian not even bothering to hide the “crosshair” from the Harley riders. Even before the new machines surfaced, Indian’s ad campaign was centered on riders having once more a choice. And with the warm welcome the 2014 Chiefs and the Chieftain, it was kind of clear that the Choice had truly arrived.