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Mole leaked 200 names to Hells Angels

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Benoit Roberge

An illustration of police mole Benoit Roberge shows him appearing frail and sheepish in the prisoner's box Thursday as the guilty plea was announced in court on March 13, 2014. (Delf Berg/QMI Agency)


MONTREAL — Police mole Benoit Roberge pleaded guilty Thursday to selling a list of 200 police informants to a killer biker.


Roberge appeared frail and sheepish in the prisoner's box Thursday as the guilty plea was announced in court.

The former biker investigator with Montreal police admitted to leaking sensitive information to the very same criminals who he was trusted to bring to justice.

He had investigated bikers for 11 years and testified at their trials.

Roberge admitted Thursday to gangsterism and breach of trust for activities that took place between October 2012 and March 2013.

He could face ten years in prison.

Sources have told QMI Agency that Roberge received $500,000 for leaking the informant list to Hells Angels drug dealer Rene Charlebois, who was reportedly close to jailed Hells kingpin Maurice "Mom" Boucher.

Charlebois and the detective later had a falling out and the biker recorded several incriminating telephone conversations with Roberge while serving a sentence for killing an informant.

The biker later escaped from prison. He committed suicide while on the lam and QMI Agency learned that he had been exposed as a police informant and feared for his life.

Provincial police obtained Charlebois' recorded conversations with Roberge when the biker's body was found in a chalet near Montreal.

Police trapped Roberge in October with an undercover officer who posed as a man who wanted to buy the informant list for $50,000.