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Ex-Bandido evicted after tense police standoff

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Ex-Bandido Jacques Teamo is evicted from his Varsity Lakes home wearing a Guy Fawkes mask.

Ex-Bandido Jacques Teamo is evicted from his Varsity Lakes home wearing a Guy Fawkes mask. Photo: Nine News


Notorious Gold Coast bikie Jacques Teamo has been evicted from his Varsity Lakes home after a tense standoff with police.

Officers were called to help evict the ex-Bandidos member from the Watts Road property owned by his relatives at 9.30am on Tuesday.

Gold Coast Superintendent Jim Keogh said Teamo became agitated when police arrived.

‘‘Police attended just for the purpose of keeping the peace,’’ Superintendent Keogh told Fairfax Media.

‘‘He was a little bit agitated with the arrival of police. There was a bit of a verbal altercation with the police … but he then calmed down and later apologised for his behaviour.’’

Teamo was allowed 15 minutes to collect his possessions and emerged from the house wearing a hooded jumper and Guy Fawkes mask.

‘‘Mr Teamo has been evicted from the premises and has been told to seek alternate accommodation,’’ Superintendent Keogh said.

Teamo’s two young children and partner were also present during the eviction.

Last year, Teamo was allegedly a key player in a brawl outside a Broadbeach tapas restaurant, which involved up to 60 Bandidos and prompted the introduction of the state government’s controversial anti-association laws.

Teamo reportedly walked into the Aura Tapas and Lounge Bar and threatened alleged Finks associates Jason Trouchet and Matthew Sward.

Trouchet, 40, and Sward, 26, pleaded guilty in Southport Magistrates Court on Tuesday to affray over the September brawl.

They were fined a total of $1500 after a magistrate accepted they were the victims of aggression by Bandidos bikies.

Teamo is yet to face court in relation to the matters.

The ex-Bandido was the victim of a shooting at Robina Town Centre in April 2012 following a dispute with a rival bikie gang member. His East Coast Ink tattoo parlour at Mermaid Beach was sprayed with bullets during the long-running dispute.

The highly stylised Guy Fawkes mask worn by Teamo on Tuesday features an over-sized smile, red cheeks and a wide moustache.

The mask has been adopted by international hacktivist group Anonymous, as well as the Occupy Movement.

Guy Fawkes was a co-conspirator in the failed Gunpowder Plot of 1605 in which a group of Catholic dissidents planned to assassinate King James I of England.

Superintendent Keogh said police would be making inquiries into Teamo’s forwarding address