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A lawyer for two bikies has asked Southport Magistrates Court to issue a bench warrant for Premier Campbell Newman(video)

UPDATED: A MAGISTRATE has thrown out a challenge to issue Premier Campbell Newman with a warrant for failing to appear in a bikie bail hearing on the Gold Coast.

The premier had been summonsed earlier this week to attend the Southport Magistrates Court today by two Bandidos charged over the Broadbeach bikie brawl.

He did not show but was instead represented by two lawyers who argued the summons was invalid.

Solicitor Zali Burrows for the two Bandidos called for a bench warrant for Premier Newman’s arrest.

But Magistrate Dermot Kehoe ruled against a warrant.

The men’s application to vary bail is now continuing.

EARLIER: A LAWYER for two Bandidos bikies has today called for a court warrant against Premier Campbell Newman who has not shown up for a Gold Coast Court case this morning.

Solicitor Zali Burrows summonsed Mr Newman earlier this week to appear at the Southport Magistrates Court as a witness in a bail variation application for two bikie charged over the infamous Broadbeach bikie brawl last September.

Bandidos bikies Peter Mauric and Stephen Cox are both charged with affray and Mauric has also been charged with being armed with a screwdriver.

Both men want to vary their bail conditions so they can continue to ‘communicate directly’ with fellow bikies.

They claim the anti-association laws and their strict bail conditions are stopping them from leading normal lives for fear of bumping into other alleged bikies and risking jail time.

Their attempts to have their bail conditions eased have so far been delayed several times.

Frustrated, Cox and Mauric drew attention to their case this week by summonsing the Premier to attend court as a witness and offering to pay his $23.40 train fare from Brisbane to the Coast to ensure he showed up.

This morning Ms Burrows told the court the Premier had failed to answer the summons and instead had sent solicitors in his place.

She immediately asked the court to issue a bench warrant.

However custody court magistrate Dermot Kehoe has temporarily stood the matter down in a bid to move the case to a more appropriate courtroom.