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Bandidos club members busted

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Three members of the Bandidos motorcycle club were arrested on Wednesday afternoon in Geleen by the police due to breaking the Arms and Ammunition Law. Three of the Bandidos’ cars were also seized, and will be investigated.

One of the arrested is Harry Ramakers, the president of the Limburg chapter of the Bandidos according to his lawyer Gitte Stevens, the Telegraaf reports.

Police say the MC members were arrested in and around a house in the Waterstraat in Geleen. Ramakers landed in that house after his house in Nieuwstadt was targeted twice.

Mayor Sjaar Cox of Sittard-Geleen proposed an emergency measure on Wednesday for his municipality to stem criminal motorcycle clubs. He did this after hearing speculation that the Bandidos wanted to throw a party in the house on Wednesday.

According to the police, members of other outlaw motorcycle club were also invited. The mayor boarded up the house, and the mobile unit and the police investigated the building and surroundings thoroughly. Dogs were used and a helicopter hung in the air.

A weapon was found in a car next to the house, the police says, as well as other munition. Three cars were removed. According to his lawyer, the president of the Bandidos chapter now does not know where to go. “He can’t do anything about the fact that his home was attacked. The question is: where does that threat come from?”

Mayor Cox has said that he wants to prevent Bandidos landing in his municipality. Earlier this month, the Bandidos announced a new chapter in the Netherlands, in Sittard.

Sittard has had run-ins with the 1% outlaw motorcycle gangs before. Last week, the Hell’s Angels made themselves unwelcome guests at a local market and had to be escorted away by the police. The German police say that Hells Angels, Satudarah and Bandidos are in a turf-war for ownership over drugs, bars and prostitution.