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Bandidos now also in Alkmaar

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The Motorcycle Club Bandidos have announced on their website that they now also have a chapter in Alkmaar. This is their second chapter in The Netherlands.

Two weeks ago, the Bandidos roared into The Netherlands, taking first Sittard, and now Alkmaar as new established homes.

The Hells Angels, a big rival of the Bandidos, took their arrival as a provocation. By way of retaliation, dozens of Hells Angels rumbled into Sittard during a festival, to the ire of the general public.

In Nieuwstadt, Limburg, explosives were thrown at the home of Harrie Ramakers, president of the Bandidos chapter in the areas. Who’s behind it is not known.

The municipality thereafter issued emergency measures, and the beleaguered motorcycle gang member was housed elsewhere. He was arrested Wednesday for possession of fire arms.

In the Alkmaar region, the rivalry between the two MCs could lead to tensions. The Hells Angels see Noord-Holland as their territory, traditionally.