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Bikie pleads with court for chance to walk daughter down the aisle

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AN ALLEGED drug supplier to the Hells Angels has pleaded to the court to release him so he can walk his daughter down the aisle.

Police claim Michael Barbaro, 54, is a “mid-level wholesale” drug dealer and he supplied amphetamines to two members of the Hells Angels Darkside chapter, the Supreme Court heard today.

Mr Barbaro has denied drug trafficking offences and has asked to be released so he can attend his daughter’s wedding this Saturday.

The father of four adult children was one of 11 men arrested in February following a three-month investigation by the anti-bikie Echo Taskforce.

The operation, codenamed Statin, saw police intercept more than 30,000 phone calls between bikies and their associates.

Police were alerted to Mr Barboro after they taped the phones of President of the Hells Angels Darkside Chapter, Mohammed Khodr, 26 and fellow Hells Angel Logo Afuie, 27.

Police allege phone intercepts revealed Mr Barbaro was the amphetamine supplier for Mr Khodr and Mr Afuie.

Michael Tovey, acting for Mr Barbaro, said his client denied the charges and the case against him was circumstantial.

He said Mr Barbaro had used cannabis for almost 20 years and in the last two years had become a heavy amphetamine and cocaine abuser, but with the help of a drug counsellor had stopped using since his arrest.

Mr Tovey said his client, who has previous offences for drug trafficking, had not breached parole or reoffended while on bail before.

He asked Justice Elizabeth Curtain to bail him to Sydenham to live with his four children under conditions to stay at home unless for medical and legal appointments and to attend his daughter’s wedding this Saturday.

But Prosecutor Michael Roper said Mr Barbaro’s release was an unacceptable risk to the community. He said Mr Barbaro ran his drug business from the home he would be bailed to and previous jail term for trafficking had not stopped him dealing again.

Mr Roper said Mr Barbaro had no legitimate form of income and the only way to financial support himself was through drug trafficking.

“He is a mid-level commercial supplier, basically a wholesaler.

“He was the supplier for Mr Khodr. He is running a business the profits are over and above what he spends on personal use.”

Justice Curtain will rule on bail tomorrow.

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