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Benoit Roberge, ex-cop who aided Hells Angels, sentenced to 8 years in prison

  Former Montreal police investigator Benoit Roberge will spend eight years in jail for selling police information to the Hells Angels.

He was sentenced Friday. In March, Roberge pleaded guilty to charges of gangsterism and breach of trust.

He was arrested last October after a double agent caught him trying to buy incriminating recordings of himself making deals with Hells Angel Rene Charlebois.

In exchange for information, Roberge was offered $125,000 by the biker gang.

With time already spent in detention, Roberge has seven years and three months to serve.

The former cop, who has testified in several court cases as a biker gang expert, said he first began selling sensitive information to the Hells Angels because he feared for his family's safety.

Choking back tears, Benoit Roberge told the court in March that his life has been destroyed and that his family is suffering.

Each charge Roberge faced carries a maximum penalty of five years. The prosecution and defence had asked for four years each, for a total of eight years behind bars, and the judge complied with their request.