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State expert: I found DNA on guns that killed Florida Warlocks (images)

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SANFORD – One at a time on the witness stand this morning, a state DNA expert pulled out the pistols that killed three members of the Florida Warlocks, a biker gang, during a Sunday morning shootout at the VFW hall in Winter Springs two years ago

Two had the DNA of Victor "Pancho" Amaro, said Kiersten Taylor Kevin, a DNA expert with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

One matched the DNA of Paul Wayne Smith, she said.

Both men are charged with three counts of second-degree murder and are to stand trial in the next few weeks.

But Taylor Kevin's testimony came on Day 6 of the triple murder trial of David "Tin Man" Maloney, a member of the same rival motorcycle gang as Amaro and Smith.

Prosecutors identify Maloney as that group's founder and leader, someone who had threatened to kill members of the Florida Warlocks.

He was involved in the shootout that day, Sept. 30, 2012, but his shots hit no one, according to attorneys for both sides.

Still, under Florida law, he's as guilty as any other participants if he took part in a felony that led to someone's death.

In this case, the state alleges there were two underlying felonies: Two attempted murders. They were other members of the Florida Warlocks who testified that Maloney fired toward them but missed.

If convicted on all five counts, Maloney, 54, of Longwood, could be given five life prison terms.

He says he acted in self-defense, opening fire only after members of the Florida Warlocks had begun shooting.

According to prosecution records, Smith, one of Maloney's allies, was the first person to open fire that day. Smith killed Peter Schlette, a Florida Warlock member and a trucker from Denham Springs, La.

Taylor Kevin testified that Smith's DNA was found on a black 40-caliber Glock pistol found at the scene.

Amaro's bullets killed David Jakiela, 52, of Orlando, and Harold Liddle, 46 of Tavares, according to attorneys.

Taylor Kevin testified that Amaro's DNA matched two guns found at the scene, including a .357-caliber revolver.

She pulled each of those pistols from evidence boxes to show them to jurors.

Earlier today, a state witness told jurors that Maloney hated the Florida Warlocks, a biker gang he was kicked out of and, as a consequence, created a local chapter of a rival group, called the Philly Warlocks.

That witness, Dan Thomas, told jurors he heard Maloney say, " 'I'm taking over. I'll kill every one of them.' "

Shortly after Taylor Kevin testified, prosecutors rested.