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Two more men wanted over Gold Coast bikie killing

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Two more alleged bikies will be arrested over the stabbing murder of Gold Coast Bandidos associate Max Waller, police say.

It is alleged three men were involved in Mr Waller’s killing outside Broadbeach apartment complex Carmel by the Sea on June 23 last year.

There was a major breakthrough in the case when cage fighter and alleged Mongols associate Wade Yates-Taui was arrested in the US at the weekend.

The 22-year-old was arrested by US marshals in California shortly before midnight on Friday.

He will be extradited from the US charged with unlawful killing.

Queensland detectives are due to travel to Los Angeles in the coming days, but police still have their sights on two other men on home soil.

Detective Superintendent Steve Holahan from the state’s Homicide Investigation Unit said police intend to charge Mr Yates-Taui’s two alleged accomplices with murder.

It is understood the two men are also closely associated with the Finks and Mongols.

"It's envisaged those arrests will take place in the next few weeks in Brisbane," he said.

"The two other people will be charged with murder, but we intend to join all those three persons in one trial."

It is understood members of the Mongols helped harbour Mr Yates-Taui overseas, who travelled to the US several months ago on a tourist visa.

It is alleged the 22-year-old attended bikie runs, as well as social gatherings with gang members.

He was arrested wearing a jumper bearing the letters MFFM, meaning Mongols Forever, Forever Mongols.

Mr Yates-Taui was once a member of the Finks outlaw motorcycle gang, but patched-over to the US-based Mongols as part of a statewide bid to circumvent moves by Queensland authorities to have the former club declared a criminal organisation.

Soon after his death, it emerged Mr Waller had links to the Bandidos bikie gang.

However, police allege his death was not bike gang related, but rather the result of a personal feud with his alleged killers over a Gold Coast home invasion.

‘‘[Mr Waller] was, or has previously been, a very close associate of the persons who will be charged with this offence,’’ Superintendent Holahan said.

‘‘A lot of the persons involved … are obviously very difficult to deal with. It is a very complex and difficult investigation and those complexities and difficulties will continue right through to the prosecution.’’

Detective Superintendent David Hutchinson said the arrest highlighted the commitment of Gold Coast police who had worked tirelessly on the investigation for nearly a year.

“The public can be confident we will leave no stone unturned when investigating any serious crime and will pursue offenders relentlessly, wherever they are,” he said.

Acting Superintendent Smith said Mr Waller’s killing revealed the nature of criminal motorcycle gangs.

“This matter has shown how these gangs use their criminal networks to not only commit extremely serious crime, but to attempt avoid prosecution by fleeing overseas,’’ he said.

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