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Six Satudarah members arrested; weapon possession

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Six Satudarah members arrested; weapon possession

Six members of Satudarah motorcycle club Satudarah were arrested on Tuesday on suspicion of weapons possession or weapons trade. Two women were also arrested. The eight suspects had to announce themselves at the police station in East-Netherlands and were there arrested, a spokesperson for the East-Netherlands police says.

The police in the East have been involved in an international investigation into drug and weapons trafficking. German police requested the support of the Dutch Public Prosecution Authority in the form of collecting evidence.

It seemed that a chapter of Satudarah in Duisberg (Germany) was working together with various Satudarah chapters in the Netherlands.

The suspects arrested on Tuesday were between 25 and 53 years of age and hail from Maastricht, Breda, Rijen and Tilburg.

Last year, during a raid on a Satudarah clubhouse in a home, police discovered weapons including to Kalashnikovs, AK-47s and two trunks full of ammunition.

The leader of the former Satudarah chapter in Enschede was arrested in December last year in his home town Ahaus (Germany). He is in custody for weapon trade, whitewashing and extortion