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Military vets’ motorcycle club claims discrimination

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Motorcycle club Veterans has issued a declaration against Minister Ivo Opstelten of Security and Justice. The club believes that the Minister consciously damaged their name by spreading fallacious information about them. The veterans are accusing Opstelten of defamation and abuse. 

The motorcycle club is made up of ex-military veterans who served abroad. It is a small club. Together with the Hells Angels, the Veterans are member of a ‘consultation group’ that attempts to keep the peace, the club says.

Members of the motorcycle club say that slanderous information is being spread about the Veterans. In documents from the ministry, the police and the Public Prosecution Authority, they are painted as heavy criminals, drug dealers and murderers. “But the Minister knows that in the 19-years that our club has existed, there has never been a criminal investigation into our club or one of our members”, a spokesperson tells the NOS.

The Veterans published a statement in which they declare that they are often served in difficult circumstances in the name of the Kingdom and the government, and that they have made a contribution to the peace, freedom and judicial equality. “Members of our club have statements of satisfaction from Defense and letters of high government officials in which they express praise.”

The club regrets the manner in which they are currently attacking a member of the government, but see no alternative.

The Royal Dutch Motorists Association and the RAI Association also believe that they are being falsely criminalized, and are sick of it.

They are taking distance from “the senseless banning of motorcycle events by municipalities.” They say that only one percent of motorcycle clubs have criminal interests. These clubs even call themselves ‘one percenters’. They also say that  an essentially healthy sector and one million clients are being pigeonholed as criminals.

The two organizations say that motorcycle events are often fun for the whole family, with bouncy castles and cotton candy.