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Senior members of outlawed Mongols bikie gang defecting to Adelaide to escape tough Queensland laws

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Police at a Mongols club house at Thebarton.

Police at a Mongols club house at Thebarton. Source: News Limited

SENIOR members of the Mongols are defecting to Adelaide with plans to set up a new chapter of the outlaw motorcycle gang in the south of state, police believe.

Sources have told the Sunday Mail tough Queensland bikie legislation has been so successful since its introduction last year, that senior members are moving interstate and starting chapters where they perceive policing to be softer.

Three senior members have already relocated to a southern suburb believed to be Maslin Beach with up to four more senior Mongols set to join them to help them establish a southern chapter of the Mongols.

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Existing Mongols who were former Finks in the southern area are helping the interstate members establish their power base.


A Mongols bikie member leaves the Southport Magistrates Court on the Gold Coast.

A Mongols bikie member leaves the Southport Magistrates Court on the Gold Coast. Source: News Limited

Sources say threats have already been made to various people in the area ahead of the southern chapter’s establishment as a power struggle begins to form.

Assistant Commissioner Paul Dickson told the Sunday Mail police have been briefed Mongols intentions and planned to intervene “before criminal events occur”.

“Police are aware of the intentions and movements of OMCG members — including that of the Mongols,” he said.

“Detectives are investigating this issue, however it is of no surprise that threats and intimidation are tactics being used. We know bikies are involved in serious and organised crime and have total and utter disregard for the law or safety of innocent people. We also know that bikies will readily commit acts of violence.

“The focus of police is to intervene before criminal events occur. If we had full cooperation, there is no doubt police would be able to progress investigations faster.“

The Mongols are based in California and have chapters in the US, Mexico, Norway, Spain, Thailand, Germany, Malaysia, France and Israel.

They set up their first chapter in NSW in March of last year and moved their influence to the Gold Coast in June.



Since then tough new anti bikie legislation has been introduced effectively hamstringing club’s activities.

The laws limit bikies’ freedom to meet each other and wear club insignia and they face another 15 to 25 years in jail just for being a member.

Detective Superintendent Mick Niland Commander of Taskforce Maxima in Queensland said he is working closely with SAPOL’s Crime Gangs Taskforce on the move by Mongols members to South Australia.

“What I can say is we’ve shared an amount of intel,” he said.

“We share all of our intelligence with our counterparts and yes we are aware of the movements of some of our criminal motorcycle gang members including the Mongols to South Australia.

“We share our intelligence in relation to the criminal motorcycle gangs and we work very closely with SAPOL and the other Australian states. We’re very committed to stamping out criminal gangs, not only in Queensland but around the country.

Det-Supt Niland said Queensland’s legislation was helping police get results.

“We believe that we’ve really turned a corner at having success against criminal gangs and the legislation is definitely part of that success,” he said.

“We are very fortunate in Queensland having our legislation and yes it is making big impact but there is complimentary legislation around the country that each of the states have and the commonwealth and we are working together.

You’ve got an exceptionally good Crimes Gangs down there in SAPOL and we’re working very close with them. So close in fact we speak on a regular monthly basis with all the Detective Supers in charge of all the gangs around Australia.”

However, one of the gang’s national office bearers denied that the Mongols would be establishing a second chapter at Mount Compass, or “anywhere else” in SA.

“Two of our members have visited Adelaide in recent weeks but neither of them are moving there,” he told The Advertiser.

“There is one new member, who is from Queensland, who moved to SA for employment purposes but it’s not known if he’s staying permanently or just as long as the contract lasts.”

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