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Foreign biker gangs setting up shop in Denmark

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Police say new gangs are looking to become part of the nation’s criminal underworld

A growing number of foreign biker gangs are getting a foothold in Denmark. The number of bikers rolling through the Danish countryside has exploded in the just the past three years.

The Black Jackets, Gremium and United Tribuns Forever have rolled in from Germany. No Surrender and Satudarah from the Netherlands have also opened clubhouses in Denmark. Danish police believe that the gangs are here for just one reason: Crime.

“I have no doubt that the foreign clubs want to enter the Danish criminal market and set up their own territories,” Michael Kjeldgaard, the head of investigations for the national police force Rigspolitiet told TV2 Nyheder. “I have no doubt that that is what this is all about.”

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Monopoly broken
Until 2013, the Hell’s Angels and Bandidos had Denmark pretty much to themselves. Then the Dutch gang Satudarah opened a clubhouse in Bagsværd.

Police speculated that the more established biker groups allowed the Dutch to move in because they did not want to attract attention by starting a bloody biker war.

“When Satudarah was permitted to come to Denmark and establish itself, I think other groups saw that there may be opportunities in Denmark,” said Kjeldgaard.

But that fragile peace was broken last month when members of the German gang Gremium had their clubhouse put on lockdown by South Zealand and Lolland-Falster Police after a shootout with members of rival gang Brothas.

The Bandidos are one of the original biker gangs in Denmark (photo: Bandidos MC)

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