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Infamous bikie club the Bandidos confirm plans to form Tasmanian chapter

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THE feared Bandidos bikie gang has confirmed it is expanding its presence in Tasmania.

National Bandidos spokesman Grey Norman said several men in the state’s North-West had reached out to the club to get involved.

“We were approached by certain individuals who would like to be involved … a group of guys who have been riding around for awhile,” he said.

The Bandidos rose to infamy after the bloody 1984 Father’s Day Massacre in Sydney, which left seven people dead, including 14-year-old bystander Leanne Walters.

But Mr Norman said the club had changed its ways and was now promoting a message of “love, loyalty and respect” not violent lunacy.

He said there would be no turf war with other bikie gangs in Tasmania, which include the Rebels, Outlaws, Satan’s Riders, Devil’s Henchman and the Black Uhlans.

“This process has been done with consultation with the existing clubs on the island, without any problems,” he said.

“The community need not have any concerns into the future as there is simply no conflict in interests.”

Tasmania Police may not easily swallow the Bandidos’ message of peace, love and mung beans having just swooped on three club associates at the Devonport Airport last month.

One was charged with possessing ice and cocaine while offsider is accused of riding around on a stolen motorbike.


“Outlaw motorcycle clubs are always trying to expand their criminal organisation and use their business model to increase their profit from illegal activities,” Assistant Commissioner Glenn Frame has told The Mercury.

“Recent intelligence and investigations prove that state based Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs and individuals are involved in illegal activity nationally.”

Mr Norman hit back at claims the Bandidos were involved with ice, saying it was outlawed in the club’s constitution.

“We wish to categorically refute any suggestions that the Bandido MC are in any way involved in the possession, use, or distribution of the insidious drug Ice,” he said.

“We need to collectively work to stamp out this vile, putrid scourger on our society.”

Asked how to reconcile this stance in light of convictions against Bandidos members for ice and drug related charges he said “from time to time“ members breached the rules.

“If anyone is found in possession of ice … they are expelled, there are no exceptions,” he said.

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