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Bandidos’ Geelong sergeant at arms Cameron Stankovski sentenced to six months’ jail

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THE Bandidos’ Geelong sergeant at arms, Cameron Stankovski, has been sentenced to six months’ jail on drug trafficking, firearms and weapons offences.

Stankovski, 27, of O’Dwyer Court, Lovely Banks, pleaded guilty in Geelong Magistrates’ Court yesterday to trafficking cocaine and ecstasy, possessing cocaine, a drug of dependence and a poison.

He also pleaded guilty to possessing the proceeds of crime and possessing a silencer and ammunition.

Police prosecutor Leading Senior Constable Siobhan Daly said police started an undercover drug-trafficking operation targeting three Geelong men, including Stankovski, in July 2015.

During the operation police operatives made contact with Stankovski and the co-accused a number of times when cocaine and ecstasy were purchased from the accused men.

Sen-Constable Daly said that during the operation operatives met with Stankovski and the co-accused, usually in the carpark of the Fyansford Hotel where drugs were purchased from the pair.

“The co-accused told one of the operatives, ‘Coke is Cam’s thing, I’m just the middle man’,” Sen-Constable Daly said.

“On January 13, operatives met with Stankovski and the co-accused in the Fyansford Hotel carpark where the accused told them supplies of cocaine were running short because of a big drug raid in Sydney where 180kg had been seized,” she said.

Sen-Constable Daly said Stankovski told an operative he had been trafficking drugs for years and all money handed to the co-accused as payment for drugs was handed directly to Stankovski.

“On March 16, police executed a drugs search warrant on Stankovski’s home, during which they seized zip lock bags, drugs, almost $5000 cash, a mobile phone, scales, silencer and holster,” she said.

“They also seized three bullets, three vials of liquid and a double-bladed knife.”

Michael Brugman, for Stankovski, said his client was on the periphery of the operation and had only attended four of the seven meetings with operatives.

Sen-Constable Daly said it was abundantly clear Stankovski was involved in all aspects of the trafficking.

“He took money from the co-accused which was given to him by cohorts for all drugs,” she said.

“We are talking 30 grams of cocaine and there are hours of recorded conversations in which Stankovski describes how he does it and how he gets away with it.”

Stankovski was convicted on all charges and sentenced to six months’ jail with a 12-month Community Corrections Order to follow.

He was later bailed after lodging an appeal against sentence.