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Hells Angels roll out of national capital area without incident

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The Hells Angels rode into town late last week and then rumbled back out on Sunday without trouble.

Both the Central and East divisions of the Ottawa police reported Sunday that there were no incidents involving members of the Hells Angels on the weekend, when members of the fearsome motorcycle club congregated at a Carlsbad Springs clubhouse for a national gathering called Canada Run.


Hells Angels from Alberta pause for a photo on Parliament Hill July 23, 2016.

Hells Angels from Alberta pause for a photo on Parliament Hill July 23, 2016. Jason Ransom / Ottawa Citizen

Police, who were keeping a close eye on the clubhouse activities on the weekend, had said they expected the 500 or more Angels (and affiliated bikers) to be on their best behaviour for the mandatory meeting.

The Hells Angels largely seemed to play tourist in the capital Saturday, with dozens of bikers heading for the Hill for photos and to gawk at the Parliament Buildings.

While it might have been disconcerting to see the burly, tattooed bikers checking out the regular attractions with other tourists, the manager at one nearby eatery, the posh Metropolitain Brasserie, said the crew were great.

“They were really polite, very well-behaved, honestly they were a delight,” manager Sarah Shown said with a laugh. She said she was unsure how many were in the party but said it was a “few.”

Twitter reported similar sightings in other restos and bistros.

On the Hill and along Wellington, the bikers took group shots of themselves and posed for photos by other tourists.

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