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Cumbrian man denies being arms supplier to motorcyle gang

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A Cumbrian man has denied being an arms supplier to a motorcycle gang.

Police recovered the biggest arms cache ever found in the county from Birketts Farm in Holme, south Cumbria.

Paul Holmes, 50, has admitted twelve offences of possessing illegal weapons and is appearing before Carlisle Crown Court for sentencing.

Holmes, who owned fifty properties in the UK which he rents out, admitted he is a member of the Satan Slaves motorcycle club but denies supplying them weapons for illegal use.

He told the court he was a former member of the Australian National Shooting team and was once in the Olympic squad.

Holmes described himself as a gun collector who has been interested in firearms from the age if fourteen.

He told the court:

"The Satan Slaves in Lancaster are a group of five people all over fifty. Some people have been watching too much TV and getting completely the wrong idea."


– Paul Holmes
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