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Triumph back chasing world motorcycle speed record

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British motorcycle racer and TV star Guy Martin have lined up another attempt on the world record for motorcycle speed aboard their daring six-cylinder machine built by Triumph.

The UK-based brand has unveiled its the Triumph Infor Rocket Streamliner this week ahead of an assault on the Bonneville Salt Flats in August. It had planned an assault on the record in 2015 with the same machine but was forced to postpone it until 2016 after Martin was injured in a crash at the Ulster Grand Prix.

The "bike", if you could call it that, is ensconced in a streamlined 7.7 metre long body designed to cut through the air at high speed.

The 2015 Triumph Rocket III Streamliner.


The 2015 Triumph Rocket III Streamliner.


Power comes from a pair of heavily modified engines based on the 109kW, 2.3-litre three-cylinder engine found in Triumph's arm-stretching Rocket III Roadster.

Triumph targets world land speed record with Rocket III Streamliner
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Blessed by a range of upgrades including turbochargers and methanol injection, the six-cylinder machine now produces around 745kW – or 1000 horsepower – at 9000rpm. Martin hopes to ride to glory in the US by breaking the current speed record of 605.7kmh set by Rocky Robinson in 2010.

Martin is considered one of the greatest riders never to win the Isle of Man TT, having secured 15 podium results on the infamous mountain roads. The racer shot to fame in 2011 as the star of racing documentary TT3D: Closer to the Edge before working as a TV presenter on a variety of projects.

The charismatic rider skipped this year's Isle of Man racing to complete in the gruelling Tour Divide mountain bike race held over 4364 kilometres from Canada to Mexico.   

Triumph has plenty of history at the Bonneville speed trials, naming one of its key models after the race following success on the salt in the 1950s.

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