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Lower than expected sentences for Satudarah members in drug case

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Three leading members of motorcycle gang Satudarah were convicted in a big drug case on Monday. Their sentences were much lower than the Public Prosecutor demanded, however. According to the court in Breda, there is no evidence that the suspects formed a criminal organization, ANP reports.

The highest sentence was imposed on Bjorn E., vice president of the Satudarah chapter in Tilburg. He got 46 months in prison for money laundering and involvement in the production of raw materials for drugs. The Prosecutor demanded 8 years against him

Angelo M., president of the global Satudarah, was sentenced to 25 months in prison for preparatory activities for the production of synthetic drugs, money laundering and weapons possession The Public Prosecutor demanded five years in prison. 

His brother Xanterra M., also president of the motorcycle gang, was sentenced to one year in prison for money laundering. That was equal to the Prosecutor's demand.

The drug ring was busted in 2011 and a total of 14 suspects were arrested.

According to the police, Satudarah members bought raw materials for drugs from a group of Lithuanians and a chemical wholesale company belonging to suspect Andre S. from Eindhoven. These traders were sentenced to up to 17 months in prison on Monday. 

A rocket launcher and almost five kilos of speed was found at a limousine company in Tilburg in this investigation. One man was sentenced to 42 months in prison and another to 46 months for the possession of the rocket launcher. 

The Public Prosecutor tried to prove that all 14 suspects were members of a criminal organization headed by Angelo M. But the Breda court ruled that there is no concrete evidence that this is the case. "The argument of the Prosecutor is based on presumptions and assumptions, structural criminal cooperation can not be determined." the court ruled. 


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