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A fifth of Dutch outlaw bikers suspected of crime

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Last year over 400 outlaw motorcycle gang members in the Netherlands were suspects in a total of 680 criminal offenses, according to a report on Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs published on Thursday. That amounts to one in five of the outlaw bikers known to the police, ANP reports.

The crimes involved nearly 150 cases of violent crimes like assault and public violence, dozens of threats and over 20 cases of illegal firearm possession. There were also 13 cases of murder or manslaughter, and a large number of drug related crimes and extortion. 

Early this year the police knew about over 1,900 members of well-known motorcycle gangs in the Netherlands, about 200 more than early 2016. The number of Satudarah and No Surrender members increased by over a hundred. 

The researchers also noticed a rapid increase in the number of splinter groups and supporters clubs associated with the well known motorcycle gangs, such as the Black Jackets and Osmanen Germania. Members of these groups don't all drive motorcycles, but do like being associated with the intimidating image of the motorcycle gangs. 

Minister Stef Blok of Security and Justice took note of the report. According to him, it again shows that tackling motorcycle gangs needs long-term efforts. 

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