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As “Gypsy Jokers” Sit in Jail on Murder Charges, the Motorcycle Gang’s Clubhouse is Up For Sale. Check out What’s Inside.

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As members and associates of the Gypsy Jokers Motorcycle Club's Portland chapter sit behind bars, awaiting trial on accusations they kidnapped, tortured and murdered a former member, its longtime Northeast Portland headquarters is up for sale.

"Same owner for the last 28 years!" the real estate listing states, offering rare photographs inside the cloistered clubhouse and residential property on NE MLK that was raided by the cops last year in connection with the investigation of Robert Huggins' murder.

Those unconnected with the group, particularly the media, couldn't get in to the outlaw motorcycle gang's building, as the Mercury wrote in 2008:

Getting inside the clubhouse is near impossible. The club's front is that enigmatic brick and black exterior and along the back of the property runs a tall metal gate attached to a decrepit white home. One neighborhood rumor is that the police showed up at the run-down white house a couple years ago with a battering ram. They broke down the back door only to find the entire interior covered with chicken wire – made impenetrable just in case some enemy happened to have a battering ram. I mustered up the courage to walk up the wooden porch steps and knock on the house door – no answer. So I stood at the gate and peered between the bars: a dirt lot, a small dog, two Harleys and a sign scrawled with "Bikes Only."


Though the listing doesn't mention it's the Gypsy Jokers headquarters, there are Gypsy Joker and jester signs all over in the pictures the real estate agent posted. Inside, there's a full bar, leather booths, foosball and pool tables, video games, a basement with couches and recliners, and a lot of dumb art and knickknacks on the walls. With all the intense security out front, it seems like an ideal place for outlaw motorcycle club members to unwind with their brothers, grab a beer, play some pool, and plan the kidnap, torture, and murder of a former associate.

The two buildings on the property—the clubhouse and the residential house—are listed at a total of $900,000. There's a viewing of the property on October 26.

Check out the property listing website for more pictures from inside.

Writer: Doug Brown
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