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Bikers pour into Galveston for Lone Star Rally

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(video)–GALVESTON, Texas (KTRK) —

It's the largest four day motorcycle rally in the U.S.

"It's very special this year," rider Ray Barker, of Austin, said.

This year, the sound of hundreds of thousands of revving engines is the sound of recovery.

"It was very important this year for our club to come down and support all the people from Galveston. We know that they had a devastating event that happened here and we're happy to help them get back on their feet," Baker added.

Galveston was spared the worst of Harvey as some businesses were only closed for a couple of weeks for minor clean-up.

Dennis Byrd, owner of "The Spot," a popular bar and restaurant on the seawall, says the impact on the riders who come every year wasn't known.

"We were going into the weekend skeptical wondering how many motorcycles rather went underwater with Hurricane Harvey. I think it's fair to say that if you had a cycle that went under you bought another one because there are a lot of people on Galveston Island tonight," said Byrd.

He said one customer even had a brand new cycle delivered to his restaurant for the weekend.

Police are estimating the rally is breaking records over last year, counting more than a half million visitors, truly making it a post Harvey rally for Galveston.

"We came to try and help them out and it's important to celebrate this event," said rider Paul De La Rosa from San Antonio.

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