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Outlaws Murder Defendant Gets Prosecution’s Witness List

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Jeremy Boshears is accused of firing one bullet into the head of Katie Kearns, a Joliet bartender.

JOLIET, IL – It's been practically two months since Jeremy Boshears, a member of the Joliet Outlaws motorcycle riding club, was booked into Will County's Adult Detention Facility in connection with the disappearance and murder of Katie Kearns, a 24-year-old Joliet bartender. A $10 million bond was put in place against the former Joliet resident who lived in Coal City and worked in Frankfort for S&J Door at the time of the November murder. Will County State's Attorney James Glasgow aims to prove that Boshears is a cold-blooded and calculating killer. The $10 million bond virtually assures the public that Boshears won't be getting out of lockup before any trial. Joliet attorney Neil Patel recently informed the court his client maintains he is innocent.

In October, Kearns began tending bar once a week at Woody's Bar on Joliet's East Washington Street. She was driving into Joliet from out by Mokena. On Sunday night, Nov. 12, she disappeared after leaving Woody's. A few days later, the Will County Sheriff's Department found her dead body inside the back of the Jeep she drove. The vehicle turned up about an hour southeast of Joliet in rural Kankakee County. She was fatally shot in the head. Boshears was taken into Will County's custody and he has remained in jail ever since.

Recently, Assistant Will County State's Attorney Steven Platek began sharing the prosecution's files with Patel, the criminal defense lawyer at the Law Office of Chuck Bretz & Associates. Court documents show that more than 50 people "may be called to testify on behalf of the People of the State of Illinois" against Boshears. He faces three counts of first-degree murder all stemming from the slaying of Kearns, who recently began a romance with the married man affiliated with the Joliet Outlaws motorcycle club. Patel told reporters in November that Boshears had been married about 10 years.


  1. Rachel George, Coal City, wife of Jeremy Boshears
  2. Shari DePratt, Channahon resident, manager at Woody's Bar
  3. Ronald J. Keagle and Georgia L. Keagle of St. Anne, IL
  4. Kevin Kearns and Matthew Kearns, Mokena residents, victim's family
  5. Eric S. Chavez, Joliet resident on Adella Avenue
  6. Rebecca Holbrook, address unknown
  7. Robert Cecola, address unknown
  8. Mike Aprile, address unknown
  9. Kayla Patton, address unknown
  10. Wade Lake, Joliet's Cayuga Street
  11. Angela J. Smith, Channahon
  12. Kassidy Henry, Manhattan
  13. Marie Roche, Joliet resident of Loganberry Lane
  14. Daniel Brandt, Joliet resident on Cottage Place
  15. Colburn M. Oneal, Marseilles resident


  1. Christina Calvillo, Walmart store, New Lenox
  2. Ryan's Collision Service, Joliet's 1229 E. Washington St.
  3. Will County Children's Advocacy Center, Joliet
  4. Phil Pfingtson (sic) of Ingalls Park Athletic Club
  5. Franklin Equipment, Joliet's 2324 E. Washington St.
  6. Burris Equipment, Joliet's 2001 Cherry Hill Road
  7. Outlaws Clubhouse, Joliet's 1915 Washington St.
  8. Sunshine Food Mart, Joliet's 1922 E. Washington St.


  1. Deputy M. Stortz
  2. Deputy Gabrielson
  3. Deputy Janovyak
  4. Deputy D. Jungles
  5. Deputy J. Miller
  6. Deputy B. O'Leary
  7. Deputy J. Tolbert
  8. Deputy E. Goewey
  9. Detective V. DiSalvo
  10. Detective Sgt. D. Troike
  11. Detective A. Beckman
  12. Detective J. Reid
  13. Detective Burkett
  14. Deputy G. Whited
  15. Detective K. Topolewski
  16. Detective Grozik
  17. Deputy C. Kahr
  18. Deputy M. Eriks
  19. Deputy T. Bergin
  20. Deputy Ambrosini
  21. Deputy P. Jones
  22. Deputy M. Shaughnessy
  23. Deputy Simeon
  24. Deputy J. Cowe
  25. Sgt. J. Zdzinicki
  26. Sgt. McCleverty


  1. Joliet Police Detective Voudrie
  2. Dr. Valerie Arangelovich, Kankakee County Morgue
  3. Janae Williamson, Kankakee County Morgue


Murder defendant Boshears has a pretrial hearing Feb. 13 at the Will County Courthouse, Courtroom 404.

Writer: John Ferak
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