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Details of Gypsy Jokers president’s weapon stash aired in court

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THE president of the Gypsy Jokers has been denied release from custody after allegedly being caught with about 30 grams of speed, guns, a silencer, steroids and explosives.

Magistrate David Faram told the Wodonga court on Wednesday John Anthony White, 39, was too much of a danger to be released back into the community.

He has been charged with having a trafficable number of guns, drug trafficking and a string of other offences.

Echo Taskforce Detective Senior Constable Ben Smith said police strongly opposed bail given White allegedly had access to guns, drugs and explosives.

“He’s obviously got very easy access to firearms,” he told the Magistrates Court.

There were fears the 10 patched local Joker members also had access to guns. 

The court heard police had raided his family home about 6am on Tuesday and recovered about 30 grams of a brown substance, believed to be amphetamine.

Cannabis in a soft drink container, scales, $1500 cash, a loaded sawn-off shotgun, revolver, rifle, ammunition, phone jammer and a Joker’s club vest were allegedly found at the house.

Police searched his Chisholm Court motorbike business Monster Choppers and allegedly found a rifle, ammunition, a silencer, explosives and a gun barrel.

He has never held a gun licence. 

Police are investigating where the unregistered firearms came from. 

White had refused to hand over the passwords to his electronic devices and refused to give a DNA sample.

He is facing 19 charges. 

White, a married father of four, has lived in the region his entire life and made his own bail application without a lawyer. 

He told the court he had no priors and that two of the guns did not work. 

The 39-year-old offered to report to police daily and not associate with other outlaw motorcycle club members. 

But Mr Faram said he was an unacceptable risk to the community. 

“These are very serious charges Mr White,” he said. 

“A significant amount of tainted property was recovered at your property.” 

White was refused bail and will return to the court on February 22. 

Four others were arrested during Tuesday’s raids and with drug possession offences. 

The were bailed and will front court in Wodonga and Albury at a later date.

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