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Bike club member indicted

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WARREN — A member of the Brothers Regime Motorcycle Club who was wounded in a June 2016 confrontation with another biker gang at Shorty’s Place in Warren Township was indicted Tuesday by a Trumbull County grand jury on felony gun charges connected to a December 2017 traffic stop on state Route 11 in Fowler.

Walter M. Hughes, 42, of Homeview Avenue, Leavittsburg, was indicted on improperly handling weapons in a vehicle, carrying a concealed weapon and having a weapon as a convicted felon.

A Fowler police report states Hughes was stopped as he was driving north on state Route 11 about 5:35 p.m. Dec. 16 in a gray Pontiac registered to his mother. Hughes, who was wearing a Brothers Regime baseball cap and vest, told the officer he was carrying a Glock 22 handgun, the report states. Upon a search of Hughes, officers also found a pair of brass knuckles and two knives, the report states.

Jail records show Hughes is incarcerated pending the posting of a $25,000 bond set in Trumbull County Central District Court. If convicted, Hughes faces a potential maximum of six years in prison.

In June 2016, Hughes was one of four Brothers Regime members shot in the incident at Shorty’s Place. Killed were Brothers Regime members Jason “Foot” Moore, 41, and Robert A. “Chopper Bob” Marto, 54, both of Mecca, while Andrew Claypool, 50, of Girard was wounded along with Hughes.

Convicted in the fatal shooting were three Forever Two Wheels members: David Bailes, Charles Dellapenna and James Gardner. Common Pleas Court Judge Andrew Logan in December sentenced Bailes to 10 years in prison, Gardner to eight years and Dellapenna, six.

Court records show Hughes’ gun case was assigned to Trumbull County Common Pleas Court Judge Ronald J. Rice.

According to the court record, Hughes and the other felony arraignments are scheduled for 11 a.m. Feb. 12 before Trumbull County Common Pleas Court Judge Peter J. Kontos.

Here are the other felony indictments:

• Mary C. Ellis, 26, Euclid, illegal conveyance of drugs of abuse onto grounds of governmental facility;

• Shane E. Turner, North Park Avenue, Warren, unlawful sexual conduct with a minor;

• Daniel J. Blasco, 63, Kenilworth Street, Warren, promoting prostitution;

• Fred H. Wild III, 45, St. John Street, Niles, harassment with bodily substance;

• Terry A. Gray, 32, Youngstown, two counts felonious assault;

• Stephen A. Adams, 48, Shearwater Circle, Ravenna, possession of cocaine and falsification;

• Jolene M. Helmick, 36, Ellsworth-Bailey Road, Lordstown, theft;

• Tristan K. Cwynar, 22, Youngstown, unlawful sexual conduct with a minor and three counts disseminating matter harmful to juveniles;

• Gabriel G. Lofton II, 29, trafficking in cocaine and trafficking in counterfeit controlled substances, both with specification of forfeiture, and possession of cocaine;

• Trisha D. Lambert, 33, Elm Road, Warren, burglary;

• Michael S. Williams, 36, East Madison, Niles, aggravated robbery with firearm specification, failure to comply with order or signal of officer and receiving stolen property;

• Gerasimos Gianoutsos, 28, Dana Street NE, Warren, possession of cocaine;

• Juan D. Jordan, 27, Autumn Drive, Warren, failure to comply with order or signal of police officer and receiving stolen property;

• Trae G. Biondi, 20, Edmond Street, Masury, felonious assault, resisting arrest and domestic violence;

• Craig R. Frank, 51, Greenville Road, Cortland, two counts assault, resisting arrest and impersonating a peace officer;

• Terry L. Tobin, 41, Deforest Road SE, Warren, failure to comply with order or signal of police officer and falsification;

• Dylan A. J. Hanger, 26, John Street, Niles, obstructing justice;

• Charles L. Sonoga, 54, state Route 305, Cortland, illegal conveyance of deadly weapon or dangerous ordnance into Courthouse, carrying concealed weapon and resisting arrest;

• Vincent M. Marstellar, 31, Depot Street, Mineral Ridge, possession of heroin and theft;

• Chalise M. Gibson-Canty, 44, Churchill Road, Girard, robbery and receiving stolen property;

• Edward A. Mueller Jr., 39, Triangle Drive, Hubbard, aggravated possession drugs;

• Deborah A. Croff, 57, Belair Court, Niles, obstructing justice;

• Rashod M. Brown Sr, 38, Idylwild, Warren, three counts prohibitions concerning companion animals;

• Timothy J. Lambert, 52, Youngstown-Kingsville Road, Vienna, breaking and entering, theft and possessing criminal tools;

• Jumal E. Rowe, 24, Douglas Street NW, Warren, possession of heroin, possession of cocaine and aggravated possession drugs;

• Angelo T. Vecchio II, 38, Akron, assault on peace officer and failure to comply with order or signal of police officer;

• Jerry W. Boggess, 42, Villa Arms Motel, Niles, failure to notify sheriff of change of address;

• Jamal B. Coleman, 25, Maple Street SW, Warren, possession of drugs.

The following misdemeanor cases were remanded to a lower court:

• Kayla L. Wagner, 27, Ulp Street, Masury, domestic violence, endangering children and resisting arrest (Eastern District Court);

• Aaron M. Prezgay, 30, Brookfield Avenue, Brookfield, attempted aggravated possession drugs and possessing drug abuse instruments (Eastern District Court).

The following cases were not indicted or no billed:

• Louis Kondoleon, 78, North Road SE, Warren, improperly handling firearms in motor vehicle and cruelty to companion animals;

• Brian K. Kennedy, 48, East Prospect Street, Girard, illegal manufacture of drugs;

• Jontay J. Johnson, 23, Youngstown, forgery;

• Teresa L. Minor, 44, East Prospect Street, Girard, illegal cultivation of marijuana;

• Gameel L. Duval, 20, Regal NW, Warren, disseminating matter harmful to juveniles;

• Steffan S. Crank, 25, Gracewood Apt. 4, Niles, domestic violence;

• Christopher R. Blumer, 37, Ellwood City, Pa., complicity to failure to comply with order or signal of police officer;

• Matthew J. McFarland, 33, Perkinswood, Warren, aggravated robbery;

• Wild, assault;

• Wagner, assault and obstructing official business;

• Williams, failure to comply with order or signal of police officer and receiving stolen property;

• Hughes, carrying concealed weapon;

• Biondi, two counts assault;

• Frank, failure to comply with order or signal of police officer;

• Sonoga, disorderly conduct;

• Vecchio, felonious assault.

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