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Notorious motorcycle gang sniffs the Oslo

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(google translated) —

This weekend should Norwegian gang members become part of the notorious motorcycle club Satudarah, but the visit was canceled, according to Aftenposten.

Several members of the international team, a motorcycle club that considers itself as lawless, was expected to Oslo this weekend to incorporate new members, the newspaper said. But after what the newspaper and the police are aware of, was the visit postponed. The cause is unknown.

– Police are aware that Satudarah MC wants to establish itself in the capital. Beyond that, we follow the course close attention to this environment, says Anders Rasch-Olsen, head of the section for special operations in the Oslo police.

Aftenposten has been told by a source who knows the criminal environment in the capital very well, that if Satudarah would establish a partnership with one of the larger gangs in Oslo, it will lead to dramatic changes in the balance of power between the current gangs in Oslo.

Satudarah was established in the Netherlands by persons with Indonesian background. Today the club is global, in line with the Hells Angels and Bandidos. Last week came a ban on the club in the Netherlands because the Court in The Hague said they are a threat to public order.

Motorcycle club established itself first time in Norway in Stavanger 2014. Internationally Satudarah notorious for drugs, violence and other crime.