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15 Vintage Pics Of The Iron Horsemen Motorcycle Club

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Meet the Iron Horsemen, an outlaw one-percenter MC, where members have some crazy stories to tell.

To the normal law-abiding citizen of the US, even one with a love for motorcycles and the open road, the idea of a motorcycle club (MC) will probably always be alien and somewhat suspicious.

Being part of a motorcycle club isn’t easy; in fact, getting in is tough enough. And if that motorcycle club turns out to be a one-percenter, then it's even tougher. Worse so, being in a motorcycle club that does not follow the rules of the AMA does not get you far with the authorities.

Of course, it doesn’t help that outlaw motorcycle clubs delve into illegal activities. Being a one-percenter MC tends to make rebels out of the rebels, which means many MCs start to take it too far. Meet the Iron Horsemen, another one-percenter MC, where members have some crazy stories to tell.

15 Their Motto Is Poetic

via Ozbike

Never think that just because the Iron Horsemen MC is a gang of beefy-looking dudes on mean bikes, that they cannot appreciate poetry. Their motto is: “Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. If it weren’t for the Iron Horsemen, the highways would rust”. So clearly, they do appreciate the finer things in life, even though sometimes they do spill more than just motorcycle oil on the highways.

14 They Are An “Outlaw” Club

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The Iron Horsemen MC are one-percenters. Meaning they are part of that one percent of motorcycle clubs that do not abide by the rules for a motorcycle club defined by the American Motorcycle Association. That doesn’t mean that they are rule-breakers; they just follow their own rules and regulations, enforced pretty strictly.

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