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Former biker who feared Savages club sentenced to almost three years in prison

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A former member of the Langford Savages biker gang has been sentenced to almost three years in jail for carrying a loaded firearm to protect himself from his former brethren.

Lyle Scott Briscoe’s lawyer told B.C. provincial court that his client possessed the stolen semi-automatic pistol in October 2018 because he had been threatened and shot after quitting the Hells Angels’ puppet club.


“At its inception, the Savages were simply a social and recreational club. As time passed, the Savages began to engage in organized criminal activity and became associated with the Hells Angels, with whom they engaged in joint criminal enterprises. Mr. Briscoe was opposed to such endeavours and sought to disassociate himself from the Savages,” Judge Ted Gouge summarized in his ruling, released Thursday.

“The Savages did not accede to his withdrawal and launched a number of violent assaults against Mr. Briscoe and his parents. They shot at Mr. Briscoe on three separate occasions. One of the bullets struck Mr. Briscoe. They also shot at his mother and launched an armed invasion of the home of his father.”

Writer: Kim Bolan
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