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UPDATE: Five arrested in Sons of Silence incident in Clarion

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CLARION – At least five members of a motorcycle club have been arrested for allegedly trying to take a vest from a man in April.

Clarion police arrested Cory Dale Woods, 41, of Waverly; Anthony Jacob Kelley, 37, of Belmond; Chad Robert Simmons, 41, of Latimer; Justin Anthony Carlson, 37, of Sheffield; and Daniel Robert Carolus, 43, of Belmond, on Monday for criminal gang participation.

They have been released pending trial.

Court records allege the five are members of the Sons of Silence, which authorities classify as a gang, or Sworn Silence, which is a SoS support club.

On April 5, the group allegedly began following the man and his wife, who were on separate motorcycles, as they traveled on Highway 3 around 7:20 p.m., according to court records.

They forced him to pull over near the Central Avenue Casey’s General Store in Clarion and surrounded him and his wife. The group was wearing Sons of Silence or Sworn Silence clothing and told the rider he needed to take off his vest because they did not like what it had on it, court records state.

Carlson allegedly shoved he man and threatened to assault him, records state.

The man, who was an off-duty law enforcement officer, called 911, and the group left when officers arrived.

Writer: Jeff Reinitz
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1 year ago

lol dopes

lol dopes

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