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New Site Features

Last updated on July 16, 2020

We have added new features to the site for our members so you can be more interactive

Some features to highlight:

  • Private Messages
  • Rate an Article
  • Share an Article with Facebook or Twitter (more to come)
  • Advanced Comment Section
    • Post a comment
    • Comment on a comment
    • Rate a comment up or down
  • Live Chat

Once I have everything up and running, I will be featuring a few new things:

  • An hour long Live Recap of the weeks news.
    • Dial in number for visitors to leave messages to play on the recap.
    • Limited advertisements where members can advertise a business, product or service
  • Reviews of products and free giveaways.

Please let me know if you are interested in helping support the site so it can be around for years to come.


  1. Happy Happy July 3, 2020

    Cool. Sounds nice.

  2. bcnasty bcnasty July 9, 2020

    Spot on. Missed this place and heck new site sounds great. Do you mind is the link is shared with a few members I have stayed in touch with? Please let me know

  3. Chopperguy Chopperguy Post author | July 14, 2020

    Glad to see y’all here!

  4. coolhandLuke coolhandLuke July 27, 2020

    Good to see some of these names. Looking forward to the reading here. Missed this site.

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