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10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Cossacks Motorcycle Club

Last updated on July 14, 2020

The Cossacks motorcycle club is one of a handful of 1%er clubs riding around on American roads. Here are some facts about these outlaw bikers.

Firstly, The Texas Cossacks have been around in one form or another since 1969 and have nothing to do with the former Soviet Union Motorcycle Club based out of Russia by The same name. Secondly, after Dec 3, 2016, The Texas Cossacks split into two groups.

The first group was the holdovers from the original organization. The second group, whom we will write about here, are the reformed Cossacks who felt compelled to break off from the original group after an incident that led to much violence at a restaurant called Twin Peaks in Waco Texas on the day of May 17th, 2015.

10 Background

Courtesy Santos County Chapter Orignal Cossacks M/C

According to the website of The Cossacks MC, the group splintered off from the remnants of the old group due to the way the old group which was one group at the time handled themselves during a fight at The Twin Peaks between themselves and the rival bikers known as The Bandidos, which resulted in the death of 7 members as well as the incarceration of others.

As a 1% club, they felt betrayed by some of their members interacting with law enforcement during the investigation of that incident. Because of several members being killed and others going to prison from weapons and assault charges, the reformed group changed their patch.

9  The Current Patch

Courtesy Cossacks M/C Modern

According to the Cossacks’ website: “The center patch represents the old, with the two daggers splitting and dividing and exposing the strong from the weak. While the 7 chain links represent the 7 fallen Brothers who made the ultimate sacrifice and who will always be honored!”

8 Original Patch


The original patch the unified group wore is now referred to as “The Ugly Man Patch” by the members of The reformed group which was chartered by Owen “Big O Reeves” with 29 other founding members. They refer to their patch as “The Dead Man Patch.” Their Motto is: Never Forgive, Never Forget!”

7 Affiliate Clubs

Courtesy Cossacks M/C

There is one well-known affiliate organization of the Cossacks MC of Texas, known as Dirty Knuckles MC of East Texas, while wearing their own patch, they are full-fledged affiliate members and are listed as so on the website of The Cossacks MC.

Any remaining members of The Dirty Man Cossacks do not appear to have any communication network for public relations as of this writing. Little is known about them, other than they are a support club for The Cossacks.

6 Membership And Women Support

Courtesy Houston Chronicle

Like all 1% groups, women are considered the property of “The Cossacks” in all 3 groups named the Cossacks because it is a men’s only club and women do not have a membership and their opinions on major decision-making is not taken under advisement. There is supposed to be an actual patch for women to wear for the reformed Cossacks MC of Texas that simply states, “Property of Cossacks MC.”

5 Chapters In Several States

Cossacks MC
via Various Sources

The organization’s website claims the following states have chartered chapters: Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and New York and the name of those chapters are: Nomad Chapter, Waco Chapter, Relentless Chapter, Eagle Flats Chapter, Infidel Chaper, Rose City Crew, Nefarious Crew, Death Valley Crew, Venom Crew, Privileged Crew, Arctic Crew, Diablo Crew, Bayou City Crew, Boondocks Crew. They emphatically deny any affiliation with their old patch or crews of which little information is currently available.

4 Fake Patch

Fake Cossacks patch
via DH Gate

Who is not a part of their crew and seemingly does not exist outside of The Chinese Electronics and Consumer Goods Vendor Website DH Gate, is a fictitious Montana Chapter and wearing a patch with this design could get someone hurt or investigated for their intent and or whereabouts by one or all of a chapter member group.

Outlaw clubs guard their patches with their lives, it is the most sacred sign of their fraternal brotherhood to each other.

3 Support Patch Membership

Courtesy Cossacks M/C

Their Unifying Patch signifying either allegiance or membership to their club is The Flag Patch based on a similar Confederate Battle Flag Patch, but the allegiance flag patch has the colors of gold and black and the words “Support Your Local CMC” with the words “Cossacks MC” at the very bottom.

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2 Questionable Russian Existence Outside Of U.S. Propaganda

Courtesy Pinterst

Bustle Magazine claims the Texas MC claims allegiance to The Russian group by the same name, which we think is erroneous. According to a Deseret News article from 1991, the first chapter of the 8-member biker gang called themselves the Cossacks, only had one bike, and aspired to be the “Hells Angels of the Soviet Union.”

According to the gang members quoted at the time, there was ample coverage about biker gangs in the Soviet press at the time, and Hells Angel Sonny Barger, the founder of its notorious rough and tumble Oakland chapter, was seen as representing ‘true freedom’ according to writer Amrita Khalid May 18th, 2015

1 Cossacks Or Nightwolves?

Courtesy Radio Free Europe

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Claims The Russian Bikers were reactivated as intimidators in the Balkans as extensions of The Popular Nightwolves MC who are friends of Vladimir Putin. We question the validity of the claim as unconfirmed. The picture here claims these bikers are at an Eastern Orthodox Worship Service.

“Members of some 26 Cossack organizations attended, each claiming to represent some 50 Cossack “fighters.” The organizations were from Serbia, the ethnic Serbian entity of Bosnia-Herzegovina (Republika Srpska), Montenegro, Macedonia, Greece, and Bulgaria.

The purpose of the Balkan Cossack Army is unclear, and representatives of the member organizations declined to discuss it with RFE/RL.” according to Radio Liberty/Radio Free Europe writers Jasna Vukicevic and Robert Coalsonin an article dated October 18th, 2016.