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Man found pushing stolen motorcycle

Published in General News

A man on the look-out found his friend’s stolen motorcycle and positively identified the culprit.

On July 6, Tahlequah Police Sgt. Qualls was dispatched to Nalley Road after a man reported he found his friend’s stolen bike. David Murray said a Native American man with a neck tattoo was pushing the bike in the roadway, and he asked where he got it. The man claimed he got it from his friend, and became nervous when Murray said the bike looked like his friend’s bike. Murray said the man pushed the bike off the roadway and took off running. Qualls had his K-9 partner, Ivo, track the scent of the suspect, but eventually lost it in a wooded area. Qualls took Murray’s statement and released the recovered bike to the owner’s brother. A short time later, Qualls was notified after the suspect was spotted on Nalley Road. Dustin Duvall matched the suspect’s description and was detained while Qualls investigated. Duvall denied pushing a motorcycle and said he was walking home from a fishing trip at the river. Dispatch contacted Murray and had him respond to Qualls’ location. Meanwhile, Duvall continued to deny he knew about a stolen motorcycle, and became upset. Murray positively identified Duvall as the man who was pushing the bike. Duvall accused Murray of lying. Duvall was taken to jail and booked for knowingly concealing stolen property.

On July 10, Officer Thomas Donnell was called to West Delaware Street in regard to a theft. Melissa Paden said her friend, Heather Wilson, was staying at her apartment for a few days. Paden said Wilson was supposed to take her to open a bank account in Broken Arrow, but she was missing from the apartment. Paden said someone went through her purse and $380 was missing. Donnell took Paden to her bank to get statements, since Wilson has possession of her debit card. As of July 10, Wilson had made a $1,020 transaction with Paden’s card. Officer Randy Jordan noticed Wilson’s car parked on Berry Street, and Donnell arrived there to speak with her. She said she threw away the debit card, and admitted to using it to make purchases. Donnell said the tag on the vehicle Wilson had didn’t belong to the vehicle. Donnell found a loaded needle of methamphetamine in the center console and a container of marijuana in Wilson’s purse. The officer also found a bag containing paraphernalia and marijuana in the dash. Wilson was taken to the detention center and booked for fraud, possession of a controlled dangerous substance, possession of marijuana, possession of paraphernalia, and theft for stealing money.

Location: Oklahoma
Source: Tahlequah Daily Press
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