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“Motorcycles are not invisible.” Campaign aims to save biker lives

Published in Motorcycle Safety

 Texas is one of the deadliest states for motorcyclists in the country. And the state is taking aim at saving lives. But it’s a message that’s relevant on every highway in the United States and beyond.

As part of the Texas Department of Transportation’s annual “Share the Road” motorcycle safety campaign, the state has released a powerful add called “motorcycles aren’t invisible. The add shows a distracted driver pull out into an intersection and an apparently “invisible” object slam into the right front quarter panel. As the driver gets out of the car, he sees a smashed bike in the road and the announcer says, “motorcycles are not invisible. But, they can seem that way to drivers who aren’t paying attention. Look twice for motorcycles. There’s a life riding on it.”

The life-saving plan also includes an instructional video for drivers…showing them exactly how to look twice and save a life. YOU CAN WATCH IT HERE:

The Gulf Coast states of Alabama, Mississippi are also near the top of the deadliest states for motorcycles according to the latest data available. CLICK HERE TO SEE WHERE YOUR STATE RANKS.

TXDOT is also encouraging people to share social media graphics designed to remind drivers that there are people on the backs of those bikes, dads, moms, friends and more. You can right click on them to save and share from here

Location: Texas
Source: WKRG News 5
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