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Gang vs. Club: We Set the Record Straight

Last updated on January 29, 2021

We get a lot of flack from people because of the not a gang, not a gang, not a gang bullshit.

First off, here we know “club x is not a gang!” (only real gangs other than street gangs are iron order and their pedophile members.) No need to continually tell us. You are preaching to the choir.

Secondly, most of our articles are posted, unedited, from news sites around the world, by our members. This is done to retain the integrity of the article, as editing them is plagiarism. As our disclaimer says: “The opinions in this article are solely those of the writer, and may not reflect the beliefs of anyone at the Biker News Network/Outlaw Biker World. “

Lastly, we really don’t give a fuck what you think about us. We are here to spread the news as we have for over 23 years. While the format has changed, the mindset hasn’t: Biker News Network is here, as neutral territory, for any club (except LEO and Pedophile clubs) and their members to come on here and know they are respected and honored.

So, when you see “Motorcycle Gang” in one of our articles, know that’s not our view, it’s the view of the writer. Each article gives you a link to the original article, go give the writer shit, not us.