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Man in Owyhee County fatal shooting sentenced, could spend life in prison

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A man who was arrested last year on suspicion of using another man as a human shield from gunfire could spend the rest of his life in prison.

Mark Warner was sentenced to five years in prison with life indeterminate Tuesday for the altercation that led to the death of 74-year-old Rod St. Clair.

According to Jeffrey Phillips, the prosecuting attorney, two victims also secured the maximum $5,000 to be paid directly to them.

“In no way is that enough money to make them whole or to justify what they went through, but that is the maximum possible fine that can be ordered to a victim,” Phillips said. “I think the court ordering that acknowledges this was particularly traumatic incident for them and while its a drop in the bucket for what they deserve, it’s the most we can do under the law for them.”

Warner pleaded guilty in May to aggravated battery and aggravated assault, while the state dismissed malicious injury to property and manslaughter charges.

In November, St. Clair called police to report a man outside his home, banging on doors and windows. When police went to search the neighborhood for Warner, they heard gunshots coming from the home.

Warner, a member of the Owyhee County chapter of the Vagos motorcycle gang, attacked St. Clair in his home, injuring him with a weapon called a “morning star” and used him as a human shield against the gunshots.

Since the maximum sentence possibility was life, the Idaho Supreme Court required the hearing to be held in person.
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Location: Idaho
Club: Vagos MC