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VIDEO: Police issue warning regarding outlaw motorcycle gangs in Niagara Region

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Public advised to limit contact and report illegal activity


NIAGARA FALLS – The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) with Niagara Regional Police Service warn the public that, despite the demolition of the Hells Angels clubhouse, people should exercise caution as outlaw motorcycle gangs continue to operate in the region.

On Jan. 21, 2020, the Niagara Falls Hells Angels clubhouse was demolished to prevent the continuation of criminal activity at that location. The seizure of the property was the result of the 2006 province-wide police investigation, Project Tandem, which led to the arrest of 26 people, including 15 Hells Angels members.

Over $1 million in cash and #3 million in drugs were seized, along with motorcycles, cars, weapons and the clubhouse. The property was proven to have been used for the planning and execution of criminal activities under the guise of legitimate business. This was the first successfully litigated seizure of a Hells Angels clubhouse in Canadian history.

Police advise the public to limit contact with outlaw motorcycle gang members and report bla bla bla…

“The Ontario Provincial Police, along with our policing partners, have made significant impact to gang activity. Outlaw motorcycle gangs continue to operate in the region and have been linked with drug trafficking, fraud and extortion. We urge members of the public to speak out when they see illegal activities. Together we can ensure a safer Ontario for everyone,” said Detective Inspector Gerry Scherer, Investigation and Support Bureau, Ontario Provincial Police.

Location: Canada
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