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The World is Burning, Who is at Fault?

Fires raging around the world

NWO News: There were somewhat similar explosions in no less than 6 locations withing 24 hours.

St. Paul, MN, USA: An “unexplained fire” destroyed a Housing and hotel construction site near Xcel Energy Center. Just like every other fire around the US in the past 2 months, one can only guess this was started by Anti-American rioters.

Wuhan, China: At least 6 people were killed in a huge chemical factory explosion. It’s China and it happened in the same city that gave the world the current “Global Pandemic,” so we’ll never know the truth behind it. I’m sure it was hiding something.

Beirut, Lebanon, 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate was being stored in a warehouse in the Port of Lebanon, inside the city center. It sat there for over 6 years, after it was offloaded from a ship that was deemed “forbidden from sailing” by port officials, and abandoned by it’s Russian owners.

The blast left a massive crater where the port once stood.

Hyesan, North Korea: a fire could be seen from the Chinese border. The reported “Gas Explosion” rocked the city, located just across the Yalu River from southern China.

Ajman, United Arab Emirates: Smoke from a large fire in the market, mostly closed due to the Wuhan Virus, could be seen for miles, and the fire was put out after a few hours.

Najaf, Iraq: An explosion set fire to 20 warehouses in a food market.

Is there a coincidence that these 6 fires occurred within 24 hours of the other, or are they just random explosions? Unfortunately, we’ll never know the truth in today’s world.

These “fires and explosions” will be old news in a few days, while the residents in these areas are left to clean them up.