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Woman fighting to break own record crossing country on motorcycle

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(video) — FARGO — Mother of 16, world record holder and restaurateur Shantell Williams drove through North Dakota on Aug. 21 in an attempt to break her own record by crossing the country in less than a month.

Four years ago, Williams rode her motorcycle through the 48 contiguous states of America in 27 days to draw attention to Bessie Stringfield. This woman was a Black, army dispatcher during World War II who traveled the 48 states in a very similar path to what Williams is doing now. Williams hoped to shed a light on the racism, sexism and danger Stringfield faced and how the country has changed in the nearly 80 years since her journeys.

This time, Williams is hoping to beat this 27-day timetable while inspiring others to try new things and learn from these experiences.

Netflix and HBO are currently in the works of creating a documentary on her journey and its purpose.

Location: North Dakota
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