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Special forces bring man out of apartment – allegation: drug trafficking

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The suspect is being taken away by police investigators in Pinneberg.
The suspect is being taken away by police investigators in Pinneberg.Photo: TV News Kontor

Special forces of the Hamburg police arrested the 29-year-old Jannik J. in Pinneberg on Monday afternoon. He is charged with trafficking in large quantities of marijuana – he was imprisoned.

After the so-called access security, the investigators from the narcotics department, who had been on the trail of the 29-year-old for a long time, took over. They took him handcuffed from his girlfriend’s home. The lettering on his black T-shirt: “Affa”. The translation: Angels Forever, Forever Angels – once angel, always angel.

Near Hamburg: Special police forces bring dealers out of the apartment

“Affa” is also a slogan of the notorious “Hells Angels”, in whose circles Jannik J. is said to have moved. At the same time as his arrest, his white Seat small car and the Pinneberg apartment were being felted. “Evidence was secured, including written documents, two dice safes and small amounts of suspected narcotics,” said police spokesman Florian Abbenseth.

The 29-year-old is said to have procured marijuana in several cases between April and June last year and resold it across Hamburg – by the kilo, according to the police and prosecutor’s office. With a high yield.

According to MOPO information, the success of the investigation is based on evaluations of the course of “EncroChat” conversations. At the beginning of 2020, Europol leaked hundreds of thousands of chat messages to the Federal Criminal Police Office , which are said to have been sent by suspected criminals via the secret encryption software “EncroChat”, the “WhatsApp for criminals”.

Hamburg: Arrested (29) has already been sentenced

The Hamburg public prosecutor’s office confirmed this when asked: “Yes, ‘EncroChat’ data played a role in the investigative work,” said a spokeswoman for the MOPO. 

Jannik J., who was fined in 2013 and 2017 for violating the Medicines Act, is now in custody. Presumably until charges are brought against him. He is now facing several years in prison.

Location: Germany
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