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Unmasked: Bungling biker badly injured blowing up rival crew’s Edinburgh base

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The face of a masked motorbike gang thug who blew himself up targeting Edinburgh rivals with Molotov cocktails has been revealed for the first time

Adam Andrews, 35, was seriously injured and rushed to hospital after the blaze destroyed the property in Moredun and also damaged an electricity sub station. The 35-year-old was found by firefighters in the wreckage with a broken leg, a broken back and a collapsed lung.

The Glaswegian thug was jailed for three years last week at the High Court in Glasgow by judge Lord Beckett.

Andrews, who appeared in court via a videolink, had managed to avoid being photographed and wore a balaclava during the attack but now his face can be revealed for the first time.

The father-of-two was part of a gang of bikers who terrorised a rival club in Edinburgh, targeting their recently acquired premises in a violent attack.

Eyewitnesses reported seeing masked men armed with a variety of weapons outside the building before Andrews clambered onto the roof.

Andrews hurled Molotov cocktails at the building and the bearded crook was still on top of the building when it erupted in flames and exploded.

He denied wilful fire-raising at the garage at Moredun Park on August 11 and 12, 2018, while acting with another, but was found guilty after trial.

Bungling bomber Andrews ended up in the rubble

The fire caused the collapse of the garage and damaged a telephone pole and a nearby sub station, causing a mass outage.

The cost of demolishing the garage was estimated at £138,000 and the damage to the sub-station at £43,000.

A jury had heard that hours before the blaze a mob, including masked and armed individuals, turned up at the lockup and tried to force their way in.

Witnesses at the scene described 20 men with their faces covered brandishing weapons amid what is believed to have been a clash between rival biker gangs.

The damage caused by Andrews and his cronies

Jailing Andrews, the judge said: “You suffered serious injuries but they were entirely self-inflicted.. this was a serious crime. It was pre-meditated and planned.

“You threw Molotov cocktails onto the building which caused an explosion.”

Location: Scotland
Source: edinburghnews
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