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Motor club Caloh Wagoh banned because of ‘culture of violence’

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Translated from Dutch

Motor club Caloh Wagoh was banned by the judge on Monday and declared dissolved. According to the court, the club is indulging in very serious, often deadly violence and threats.

The existence of Caloh Wagoh is contrary to public order, the court said. Wagoh is appealing the court’s verdict, the club’s lawyer said. The actual ban and dissolution of the club is thereby suspended. Only when there is an irrevocable court decision, in line with that of the court, is the prohibition final.

That fact led to confusion in the parking lot at the court bunker in Amsterdam, where the court ruled the ban. The police present there wanted to enforce the ban immediately by forcing some Caloh Wagoh members who had attended the judgment to take off their club vests ( colors ). They refused. Their lawyer explained on the spot that the colors do not have to go off yet.

‘Serious violence’

The Public Prosecution Service had requested a ban on the club in civil proceedings, because it is fully involved in serious crime and is guilty of “a flood of serious violence”. The Central Netherlands District Court agrees with this.

Caloh Wagoh is engaged in serious violence. In chats, for example, there is talk of liquidations, ”says press judge Hans Zuurmond. “A shed appears to be used for the storage of getaway cars and firearms.” According to the court, there is a ‘culture of violence’, and it follows from this that individual members use or threaten to use violence. “That is why it is also attributed to the association itself.”

Previous attempts to end the violence have led nowhere and the court therefore considers the ban necessary. The ban affects the entire club, including the local chapters.

Justice has been trying to get rid of motorcycle clubs in the Netherlands for some time. Similar proceedings have been successful in various courts. Clubs like No Surrender and Hells Angels have since been banned on appeal. The Supreme Court upheld the ban on Satudarah and – with a few nuances – on Bandidos.

There is

There are still several criminal cases against a number of members of Caloh Wagoh, including the large liquidation investigation Eris. The founder of the club, Delano R., is the main suspect in this. He is said to have taken on a series of contract killings from Ridouan Taghi. Taghi himself is the center of another major liquidation process, Marengo.

In support of the ban, the court cited a series of suspicions from Eris, including three liquidations. Tony de G., the star witness in Eris, has explained at length about those murders. The trial against Delano R. and his co-defendants will start in August.

Location: Netherlands
Source: parool
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