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Guns, drugs, gang war: rockers suddenly unwrap

Published in 1%er News

Translated from German:

Rockers are a real myth for many. Probably also because little is known about life in the club. But some members report in videos about life as an outlaw. How so?

Bielefeld. Ali Osman is one of the most colorful characters on the rocker scene. Or better: it was him. He founded the notorious and now banned rocker club Satudarah in Germany, was later arrested, charged – and unpacked in court. Now the rocker talks about the internals of the scene, drugs and weapons. However, he is not the only rocker who is now openly chatting. Osman, whose real name is Yildiray Kaymaz, caused a stir years ago. In Duisburg he founded the first chapter of the Dutch motorcycle club Satudarah …

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Location: Germany