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A large amount of amphetamine was found in a car in Imatra – the amount of drugs seized by the police is about one kilo in a street shop

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Translated from Finnish

The main suspect belongs to the Hells Angels, a motorcycle gang. The case will be transferred to prosecution in the next few days.

Detail of a police uniform.
In February, police in south-eastern Finland found a large consignment of amphetamines in a car in Imatra in connection with traffic control. Silja Viitala / Yle

In February, the police of South-East Finland made a large amphetamine seizure of a car in Imatra, which was stopped by a police patrol in connection with other surveillance.

The preliminary investigation revealed a wider drug offense, with the main suspect being a member of the Hells Angels MC Carelia motorcycle club. The case will be investigated as a separate individual case and will be transferred to prosecution in the coming days.

The drug offense came to light when police seized a significant amount of amphetamine from a passenger car on February 19, 2021 in Imatra under other surveillance.

According to crime commissioner Petri Tirrone , the amount of amphetamine found in the car corresponds to about a kilo in the street shop.

At the same time, a 26-year-old ladybug man who was driving a car without a driving license was arrested. He was detained by a decision of the South Karelian District Court on suspicion of a felony drug offense.

The task of the ladybug man has apparently been to distribute the drug, ie to resell it.

Based on the preliminary investigation of the case, the police suspect that the man acquired amphetamine from a 37-year-old man from Savonlinna, who according to the police belongs to the Hells Angels MC Carelia motorcycle club in Lappeenranta.

He has a previous background in drug and violent crime. During the preliminary investigation, a small number of cartridges were confiscated from a Savonlinna man.

The main suspect, a man from Savonlinna, is still imprisoned.

Location: Finland
Source: yle
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