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Rocker has been sentenced to three years in prison for stealing cloned cars

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Translated from Danish

A 55-year-old member of Hells Angels has been convicted of stealing ten cars for more than 2 million kroner.

A 55-year-old member of the rock group Hells Angels has on Wednesday at the Court in Roskilde been sentenced to three years in prison for heeling to steal cars.

This is stated by the Copenhagen Police in a press release.

The stolen cars were cloned. That is, they were provided with fake chassis numbers and in several cases also with fake foreign registration certificates belonging to similar cars.

Subsequently, the cars were registered in Denmark.

The case has been investigated by Special Investigation East and concerns a large number of cars that the police seized in an action on 1 May 2018.

The court acquitted Brian Barfoed Jensen of several of the charges for which he was charged.

But he was convicted of heeling ten cars to a total value of over two million kroner as well as attempting heeling of workshop equipment for about half a million kroner.

The sentence of three years’ imprisonment includes a residual sentence from a previous sentence.

– I am satisfied that the sentencing in the case reflects that the 55-year-old’s handling of cloned cars has taken place systematically and organized, and that it is therefore a case of heeling of a particularly serious nature, says senior plaintiff Rasmus von Stamm.

A 46-year-old man was found complicit in the heeling of one of the cars and was sentenced to one year in prison.

– I think that a year in prison for aiding and abetting the theft of one car is on the high side, and I expect that the verdict will be appealed, says the 46-year-old defender, lawyer Jesper Storm Thygesen.

Brian Barfoed Jensen’s defender, Peter Secher, has not been reached for comment.

Location: Denmark
Source: jyllands-posten
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